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Dia Mirza: In local weather motion, every of us needs to be a stakeholder

Dia Mirza: In local weather motion, every of us needs to be a stakeholder


The deteriorating air high quality and the growing smog has been affecting well being of individuals at giant; extra so in the previous few days. Schools in Delhi had been shut down in consequence up to now month. Despite a number of measures being carried out to enhance air high quality, an growing variety of points are rising as an alternative of enhancements. Dia Mirza, who has been an advocate for environmental conservation, believes issues will change solely “when conversations are not confrontational”

Dia Mirza has been an advocate for environmental conservation
Dia Mirza has been an advocate for environmental conservation

She goes on, “ When there is space for a dialogue where everyone feels like a stakeholder, it is then that we find solutions. I feel it is important to discuss issues that affect us with our family, neighbours, communities and on any platform, regardless of how small or big it is. And Air pollution is a serious health hazard for all age groups especially children and elderly.”

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The issues are arising additionally as a result of the present norms should not being carried out by air pollution management boards and civic our bodies, feels the actor. “We the citizens need to hold those accountable answerable while we at an individual level start to make informed choices. When each one of us starts to segregate and manage waste effectively, reduce wasteful consumption and question absence of mitigation measures we will witness change. If the air becomes progressively polluted, then we have no choice but to start addressing the problem seriously,” additional shares Mirza, who can also be talking aloud the issues confronted by the individuals of Spiti Valley and Zanskar resulting from low snowfall and receding glaciers, within the newest documentary No Water No Village, for which she has finished the narration. The movie was screened at All Living Things Environmental Film Festival 2023.

Talking in regards to the docu-film, and what all she obtained to earn whereas engaged on it, Mirza shares, “Climate change unfolds more rapidly in mountainous areas and is already affecting the global reserves of snow and ice which will directly impact the world’s water supply. Climate change is also diminishing biodiversity , disrupting the weather cycle, and precipitating landslides, avalanches and floods in high-altitude zones. The Himalayan regions are already experiencing extreme weather events and as the film points out, it is very important for communities which are being directly impacted by them to be a part of the solutions. I think it very lucidly and simply articulates the challenges we are facing and the way we can collectively counter them.”

And this she factors out has far-reaching results on different areas that individuals are unaware of. “Well, fast melting snow and ice reserves will impact the water supply of millions and also impact the irrigation of fields where food is grown. Snow cover is also critically important for regulating the earth’s climate and it affects regional weather patterns as well. Be it tourism, food security or livelihoods, climate change has a far reaching impact on every aspect of human existence across the world,” she ends.


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