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Unique-King forward of his efficiency in Delhi-NCR: No area for misbehaviour in my live shows

Unique-King forward of his efficiency in Delhi-NCR: No area for misbehaviour in my live shows


Singer-Rapper King is busy together with his all-India tour and the following cease is Delhi-NCR, for which he’s extraordinarily excited but nervous. “It’s the place I grew up in and that’s why performing in Delhi always makes me a little nervous. You know how you feel shy and awkward performing in front of your own family, it’s very much like that. Mere shows par mere parents nahi aate because unke saamne perform karne me thodi ghabrahat hoti hai,” he tells us forward of his efficiency on December 3, at Backyard Sports Club, Gurgaon.

Singer King will be performing in Delhi-NCR on December 3.
Singer King can be performing in Delhi-NCR on December 3.

However, he has associates and individuals who he grew up with, and so they be certain that to come back and assist the artiste. “Whenever I perform in Delhi, they make it all the more special for me by coming here, meeting me and just waiving while I perform at the stage. Unka wahi hai ki bhai aa raha hai Delhi, toh jaana hi padega. And I really appreciate it. Kyuki ye hi asli support hota hai,” says King, and provides, “In fact, I want to tell all the artistes out there that when you come to your place to perform, instead of showing that you are a star, be more grounded and make your people feel like they are your friends. Because that’s what they also expect from you.”

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In the latest occasions, incidents of followers throwing issues on the artiste in the course of the efficiency is changing into more and more widespread. Most of the occasions it is out of desperation to get these few seconds of consideration from their favorite singer however King says fortunately he has “never faced any such incident”. He shares, “I think it’s because I have always made it very clear ki main Delhi ka ladka hu and you should not mess with me (laughs). Unko pata hai ki agar wo misbehave karenge, toh main bhi phir waisa hi jawaab dunga. And I don’t think anybody would want to experience that level of embarrassment at my event.”

However, he will get extra critical on the subject and explains the rationale behind the rise in such incidents. “I believe it’s the responsiblity of an artiste to maintain a certain gap with the audience. You can be friendly with your fans but unko ye bhi pata hona chaiye ki aapki permission ke bina wo aapke kandhe par haath nahi rakh sakte. The boundaries need to be very clear and I ensure that. In my concerts, the audience stand very close to the stage but they never misbehave. They know there is no space for that,” he shares.

But if there comes a time, when the scenario will get dangerous, King says, “I will not run away.” He goes on, “I will take a strict action if that happens. I cannot let that one person spoil the fun for other 10k people. Nothing is scripted at my shows and hence I will act like I would in real life.”

In conditions like these, probably the most important factor is for the artiste to be there and take management. “I believe in taking responsibility of whatever happens at my concert. I will try to handle the situation myself even if it means stopping the show in between. I do not like when things go haywire and the artistes have no control over it. I have seen that. Unki security maar rahi hai, logo ke lekar jaarhi hai, and wo khud waha se chale jaate hain. I don’t like how artistes don’t take control of the situation and run away; I would never do that. If you are the face of an event, stay there and take the responsibility. I had a show in Raipur and things went out of control but I didn’t nudge. I stayed on the stage of 30 mins just telling people to be safe. People started feeling suffocating and I tried my best to help,” he ends.


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