Home Health Ancient Wisdom Part 31: Longevity to immunity; many advantages of Chyawanprash, the age-old marvel

Ancient Wisdom Part 31: Longevity to immunity; many advantages of Chyawanprash, the age-old marvel

Ancient Wisdom Part 31: Longevity to immunity; many advantages of Chyawanprash, the age-old marvel


Named after Chyavana Rishi, Chyawanprash, the traditional elixir, has been in use since time immemorial and is of nice significance as per Ayurveda. Considered a Rasayana, the jam-like mix of greater than 30 forms of herbs, repairs, rejuvenates and nourishes the physique, can work wonders for the immunity and sustaining wonderful well being. As winter approaches and instances of respiratory sickness and viral infections spike, individuals top off this historical marvel of their kitchens to heat their our bodies and defend them from ailments. Indeed, Chyawanprash, particularly one made at residence, will help with longevity, power and vitality. (Also learn | Ancient Wisdom Part 30: Chamomile tea can ease pain and fatigue, aid sleep; know all benefits)

Apart from strengthening the body and repairing its functions, chyawanprash can also help prevent various metabolic disorders, heart issues and lower cholesterol levels.
Apart from strengthening the physique and repairing its features, chyawanprash can even assist stop numerous metabolic problems, coronary heart points and decrease levels of cholesterol.

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How Chyawanprash got here into existence additionally has an attention-grabbing again story. As per historical texts such because the Mahabharata and Puranas, the dual Ashwini Kumar brothers who had been thought of the royal physicians to the Gods through the Vedic period, invented this natural preparation to make the sage Chyawan Rishi youthful and enhance his vitality and power. Chyavana Rishi in his quest to achieve enlightenment had develop into weak, malnourished and aged. This great potion helped him get again his youthfulness, vitality and power. With course of time, the method was carried ahead to the following generations and since then Chyawanprash has been trusted for its holistic method for well being.

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Chyawanprash is made with amla or Indian gooseberry in its base and is boiled together with 30 and extra herbs. Ghee, dashamool, ashwagandha, shatavari, varahikand, vidarikand, pushkarmool, giloy, badi harad, Madhu Pippali, dalchini, tejpatta, nagkesar, choti elaichi, laung, vanshlochan, jaggery and honey is a part of this convenient concoction. Apart from strengthening the physique and repairing its features, chyawanprash can even assist stop numerous metabolic problems, coronary heart points and decrease levels of cholesterol. It can also be helpful in eradicating toxins from the physique. This historical method can be utilized to enhance vigour, vitality and even delay ageing course of.


The magic of Chyawanprash

“Chyawanprash is made with two words chyavana (name of a muni/monk) and prash (consuming with intent). Rasayana karma is a unique concept of Ayurveda. Rasa is the body’s first body tissue that nourishes all body organs and tissues. The main function of Rasa is to upkeep metabolism and immunity. In the current urban age, metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc., and the pandemic have emphasized enough the importance of these two aspects of health. Rasayan karma allays aging, rejuvenates the body, and makes it adaptable to the demands and stress of urban life,” says Ayurveda professional Dr Zeel Gandhi.

Chyawanprash’s historical connection

“The famous charak samhita opens its discussion on Chikitsa-sthan (treatment section) with the very first adhyaya (chapter) on Rasayan karma. Building good immunity for everyone is the first step to health. This chapter has an exhaustive list of intricately formulated rasayanas and some very simple ones. Chyavanprash is one of them. This Avaleha (jam-like) was consumed by Chyavana Muni who found it difficult to continue his sadhana and ashtang yogabhyas owing to his extremely advanced age. This Rasayana when consumed helped him rejuvenate his body, reverse debilitating aging, and continue his sadhana to attain liberation. Out of compassion, this formulation was shared to allay the sufferings of the common masses,” says Dr Zeel.

Benefits of Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash is an natural combination ready with over 40 elements, a few of the useful parts are Amla, Brahmi, Neem, Tulsi, Pippali, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Gokshura, White Sandalwood, Green Cardamom, Arjun, Ghee, and Honey.

In what methods can Chyawanprash strengthen your physique? Dr Rajesh Kumar, Associate Director Internal Medicine, Paras Health Gurugram lists all the advantages of consuming Chywanprash.

  • During the winter season, consuming chyawanprash gives numerous well being advantages and helps in stopping winter-related infections.
  • It is true that taking a one spoon stuffed with chyawanprash in winters can deliver wonders to your physique. The principal element of chyawanprash, amla, has a excessive vitamin C content material that effectively boosts immunity.
  • Frequent use of chyawanprash can defend in opposition to infections, coughs, and colds in addition to reduce the probability of contracting sicknesses incessantly.
  • Strong elements like ashwagandha additionally assist with points together with sleeplessness, arthritis, and infertility.
  • The antioxidant qualities of tulsi are fairly useful for people who find themselves controlling hypertension and diabetes.
  • Renowned for its well being benefits, particularly within the winter, ghee retains the physique heat and helps with digestion.

“As per Charak Samhita, Chywanprash is called Paramottama Rasyana or best out of all Rasayanas. This Rasayana helps specifically cure colds and coughs. It helps strengthen the body, of the weak and debilitated, especially of old and young age. It alleviates the doshas of patients suffering from hoarseness of voice, heart problems, gout, pipasa – idiopathic polydipsia, problems of urine, and problems of semen. This Rasayana is also advised to be administered in a Kuti Praveshik way. Kuti (Hut) Praveshik (Enter inside) rasayana in simple terms means to live like a hermit away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, eat simple prescribed food, and consume the Rasayan with intent. When consumed this way, it promotes intellect, memory, luster, immunity, longevity, strengthens sense organs, improves metabolism, complexion, and leads to reversal of aging infirmities. The person emerges out of the Kuti (hut) entirely transformed and rejuvenated,” says Dr Zeel.

How Chyawanprash was consumed in historical occasions

In the Middle Ages, when consumption (tuberculosis) was rampant, this avaleha helped the sufferers construct immunity in opposition to it and stop it, particularly within the younger and outdated ages, says Dr Zeel.

“Chyawanprash is a renowned Ayurvedic herbal combination that has gained international fame for its unique flavour and many health benefits. During ancient times, people often took chyawanprash as part of their daily routine, primarily in the morning. The traditional method involved taking a small quantity, usually a spoonful or a prescribed dosage, mixed with lukewarm water or milk. This practice was believed to enhance its efficacy and absorption by the body. You should mix a teaspoon or tablespoon of Chyawanprash with some warm milk or water. The liquid’s heat can improve the herbal formulation’s absorption. It can also be consumed straight, as a spread on bread or crackers, or add it to your smoothie or juice,” says Dr Rajesh.

From historical to trendy use

“This Rasayana is frequently prescribed even today to help lessen the dependence on antibiotics and build immunity against minor colds and coughs, especially in children. Amla is a strong antioxidant, thus age-related changes can also be delayed in old age by regular use.

It is palatable, beautifully formulated with highly regarded Ayurvedic herbs, and very effective. Chyavanprash has a tedious list of ingredients, but is simple to make. Making it yourself can help one control the quality aspect, and adhere to the correct formulation guidelines,” says Dr Zeel.

Who shouldn’t have chyawanprash

“Chyawanprash is generally considered safe and beneficial for most people due to its natural herbal ingredients. Although eating chyawanprash has health benefits, too much of it should be avoided since it can lead to digestive problems like diarrhoea, bloating, gas, indigestion, and pain in the abdomen,” says Dr Rajesh.

“It is important to consider that sweeteners like jaggery, sugar, or honey are added to chyawanprash to give the mixture a sweet and tangy flavour. So, people who have high blood sugar should be careful when ingesting it. Diabetic patients should keep a check on their blood sugar levels. A daily allowance of about 3 grammes is acceptable for people with controlled blood sugar. People with existing health conditions, especially those related to the liver, kidneys, or gastrointestinal issues, should seek advice from a healthcare provider before consuming chyawanprash due to its diverse herbal composition which can lead to stomach related problems,” he provides.

How to have chyawanprash every day

“It is advisable to take one teaspoon twice a day by adults, preferably in the morning and evening with lukewarm water or milk. Half a teaspoon should be the maximum amount that kids consume each day. People who have asthma or other respiratory issues should avoid eating chyawanprash with yoghurt or milk,” says Dr Rajesh.


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