Home Health Can lots of calcium dietary supplements assist to maintain osteoporosis at bay? Expert debunks 6 myths

Can lots of calcium dietary supplements assist to maintain osteoporosis at bay? Expert debunks 6 myths

Can lots of calcium dietary supplements assist to maintain osteoporosis at bay? Expert debunks 6 myths


Osteoporosis is a situation that impacts the energy and density of our bones, making them extra liable to fractures. It is usually often called a silent illness as a result of it may possibly progress with none noticeable signs however though it generally impacts older people, it isn’t unique to them and may happen at any age.

Can a lot of calcium supplements help to keep osteoporosis at bay? Expert debunks 6 myths (Twitter/Orthocore256)
Can lots of calcium dietary supplements assist to maintain osteoporosis at bay? Expert debunks 6 myths (Twitter/Orthocore256)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Pramod Bhor, Director of Orthopedics and Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon at Fortis Hospital in Vashi, revealed, “One interesting aspect of osteoporosis is that it disproportionately affects women, especially those who have reached menopause. This is due to the hormonal changes that occur during this phase of a woman’s life, which can lead to accelerated bone loss. Lack of exercise and sedentarism can weaken bones over time, as physical activity stimulates bone strengthening. Moreover, poor nutritional choices can undermine bone health as well.”

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He added, “A diet deficient in calcium and vitamin D deprives the bones of essential nutrients needed for their growth and maintenance. Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking have been shown to impair bone density due to their detrimental effects on the body’s ability to absorb calcium efficiently. However, recent research suggests that men are also at risk of developing osteoporosis, albeit at a later age compared to women.”

Highlighting that one of many early indicators of osteoporosis is a loss in top or a stooped posture, Dr Pramod Bhor defined, “This occurs when the bones in the spine weaken over time and begin to collapse or compress. Another symptom is recurring fractures after minimal trauma or even from everyday activities like stepping down from a curb or sneezing too forcefully. These fractures most commonly occur in the hip, wrist, or spine and can lead to chronic pain, limited mobility, and even disability if left untreated. It is the need of the hour to clear all the misconceptions related to this condition and seek timely intervention.”

He debunked 6 myths for a greater understanding of this well being situation –

Myth #1: Osteoporosis impacts solely aged girls

Fact: People of all races and ages, together with males, can develop osteoporosis.

Myth #2: Breaking a bone from a severe fall or accident doesn’t exempt you from worrying about osteoporosis

Fact: In reality, for people above the age of fifty, damaged bones might be an preliminary indication of low bone density or osteoporosis. Such fractures are sometimes linked to osteoporosis.

Myth #3: The weakening of bones in people with osteoporosis shouldn’t be all the time detectable

Fact: Osteoporosis is often known as a silent illness as a result of breaking a bone is ceaselessly the primary indication that one has this situation. Some folks solely uncover they’ve osteoporosis after experiencing top loss resulting from a number of spinal fractures, which can happen with out noticeable ache.

Myth #4: Drinking milk and often exercising will cut back the danger of osteoporosis

Fact: Having a big amount of milk and interesting in train doesn’t assure immunity towards osteoporosis. Despite having ample milk and exercising often, one can nonetheless be prone to osteoporosis resulting from varied danger elements reminiscent of smoking and irritation within the physique.

Myth #5: Osteoporosis shouldn’t be a trivial matter

Fact: Fractures attributable to osteoporosis might be excruciatingly painful and have extreme penalties. These fractures can influence bodily, psychological, and emotional well-being, and in excessive instances, even result in fatality. It is essential to take preventive measures all through life to safeguard bone well being.

Myth #6: Opting for lots of calcium dietary supplements will help to maintain osteoporosis at bay

Fact: Taking further calcium dietary supplements doesn’t successfully stop osteoporosis. Ingesting extra calcium than mandatory doesn’t provide any further benefits. To decide if a complement is critical for you, assess the quantity of calcium obtained out of your each day meals consumption. Additionally, verify the beneficial each day calcium consumption in your wants by taking the assistance of an professional. Do not go overboard on calcium dietary supplements.


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