Winter superfood: 3 wholesome methods to eat ghee as mercury drops


Having ghee in winter is each a medication in addition to a really feel good issue. A storehouse of wholesome fat and vitamins A, D, E, and Okay, ghee can nourish the whole physique, benefitting bones, pores and skin and immune operate. People who’re overweight or obese ought to method ghee and recipes manufactured from it with warning as extreme consumption can result in weight achieve and exacerbation of continual illness threat elements from blood sugar to blood stress. Ghee sparsely may help increase coronary heart well being, digestive well being and forestall irritation. Add a dallop of ghee to your piping sizzling bowl of dal/soup, or add it on prime of your roti for an irresistible aroma as effectively a filling meal. (Also learn | Winter-friendly millets: 5 delectable ways to enjoy Ragi in cold weather)

Ghee sparsely may help increase coronary heart well being, digestive well being and forestall irritation.(Freepik)

How a lot ghee to eat

While many individuals keep away from ghee of their meals as they concern fats accumulation and excessive levels of cholesterol, however a nutritionist busts this delusion.

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“It’s a myth that ghee increases cholesterol. One can include ghee in their daily diet. Ideal dosage of ghee is 1-2 tsp or max 3 tsp. One also needs to keep a watch on monthly cooking oil consumption,” says Shruti Okay Bhardwaj, Chief Dietician Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad.

Bharadwaj says that although ghee has a excessive smoking level, it ought to nonetheless be prevented in deep frying and as a substitute should be used as a topping and for roasting.

Dr Bimal Chajjar, heart specialist at Saaol Heart Center, emphasizes the significance of sustaining a heart-healthy weight loss plan, even in the course of the winter months. Contrary to widespread perception, he means that incorporating ghee into your winter weight loss plan will be performed in a wholesome method.

“Ghee, a form of clarified butter, is a traditional ingredient in many Indian households. High quality and organic ghee is recommended in small quantities. Ghee contains healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids, which can contribute to cardiovascular health,” says Dr Chajjar.


1. Sauteing or roasting greens

One method so as to add ghee to your winter weight loss plan is through the use of it as a cooking medium for sautéing or roasting greens. This not solely imparts a wealthy flavour but in addition enhances the absorption of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins current within the greens. One should go for a balanced mixture of vibrant greens to make sure a various vary of vitamins.

2. Warm drinks

Additionally, ghee will be integrated into heat drinks like natural teas or turmeric milk. This not solely offers a comforting and nourishing drink but in addition aids within the absorption of sure fat-soluble compounds current in these drinks. However extreme sweetening should be prevented to keep up well being advantages.

3. Khichdi or daliya

Choose complete grains over refined ones and incorporate ghee into dishes like khichdi or daliya. This helps in offering sustained power and promotes a sense of fullness. It is necessary to bear in mind portion management and be sure that ghee is utilized in moderation to keep away from extra calorie consumption.

Dr Chajjar says these with lactose intolerance can depend on clarified butter (ghee) as a trust-worthy dairy product as it’s nearly lactose-free. This additionally makes it an acceptable choice for people who might expertise digestive discomfort with different dairy merchandise.

Dietitian Shruti Bharadwaj suggests the next methods so as to add ghee to the weight loss plan

  • Add on prime of dal and vegetable.
  • Add in your soup.
  • Add into each day rice preparation or khichdi.
  • Have ghee chapati.
  • Make paratha with ghee.

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