Home National Do not wish to get into hypotheticals: US on India asking Canada to cut back diplomats

Do not wish to get into hypotheticals: US on India asking Canada to cut back diplomats

Do not wish to get into hypotheticals: US on India asking Canada to cut back diplomats


As India gave a deadline to Canada to withdraw its diplomats from the nation and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, in reply, mentioned that the Canadian authorities needs to assist Canadians in India on the bottom, the United States mentioned it’s conscious of the continuing standoff over diplomatic workers ranges however refused to get into the problem. US State Department’s deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel mentioned he got here throughout experiences on the diplomatic staffing ranges for the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi.

India-Canada diplomatic ties reached another low as India has now asked Canada to remove 41 of its diplomats posted in India.
India-Canada diplomatic ties reached one other low as India has now requested Canada to take away 41 of its diplomats posted in India.

“But I don’t have anything further to offer on those reports and certainly don’t want to get into hypotheticals and take this process one step at a time. As it relates to our Indo-Pacific strategy and the focus that we continue to place on the region, that effort and that line of work is going to continue,” he mentioned.

US has clarified its stance on the India-Canada diplomatic disaster stemmed from Trudeau’s allegations that India acquired Sikh separatist chief Hardeep Singh Nijjar killed in Canada. Before exterior affairs minister S Jaishankar met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Washington, the US mentioned it favoured an investigation into the allegations levelled by Canada and wished India to cooperate in that. India reiterated that the allegations are baseless and Canada didn’t present any particular info in connection to this. Canada, nevertheless, mentioned it shared info with India many weeks in the past.

The India-Canada diplomatic disaster places the US in a clumsy place for its curiosity in each international locations.

‘Leave it to these two international locations to speak…’

John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications on the National Security Council within the White House, mentioned on Tuesday the problem was mentioned between Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. “We will certainly leave it to those two countries to talk about their bilateral relationship,” Kirby said. “We have been clear, these allegations are serious, they need to be fully investigated and of course, as we have said before, we urge India to participate actively in that investigation,” Kirby said.

India-Canada diplomatic crisis: Latest developments

At the onset of the crisis, the external affairs ministry said at present Canada has more diplomats present in India than India has in Canada. The ministry alleged interference by Canadian diplomats in India’s internal affairs. On that front, it came to the fore on Tuesday that India asked Canada to remove 41 of its 62 diplomats by October 10.

Trudeau said his government wants to be on the ground in India to help Canadian families. He reiterated that Canada is not looking to provoke India.

Canada foreign minister Melanie Joly said Canada is in “constant cooperation and dialogue with India” regarding the requested withdrawal of diplomats. “In moments of tensions — because indeed there are tensions between both our governments — more than ever it’s important that diplomats be on the ground and that’s why we believe in the importance of having a strong diplomatic footprint in India,” she said. “That being said, we are in ongoing conversations with the Indian government and we will continue to protect Canada,” she mentioned emphasising that Canada needs personal talks with India.

India has already banned visa providers in Canada and accused Canada of harbouring terrorists regardless of being alerted a number of instances.


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